Lehrstuhl für Fischkrankheiten und Fischereibiologie

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Professor Dr. Dušan Palić

Univ. Prof. Dušan Palić, D.V.M., MVSc, Ph.D., CertAqV, Dipl. ECAAH



Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Tierärztliche Fakultät
Lehrstuhl für Fischkrankheiten und Fischereibiologie
Kaulbachstr. 37
80539 München

Raum: 101
Telefon: 089 2180 2282
Fax: 089 2180 992687


  • D.V.M. 1997 Tiermedizinische Fakultät, Universität Belgrad
  • MVSc, 2002 Veterinary Preventive Medicine - Immunology; Tiermedizinische Fakultät, Universität Belgrad
  • Ph.D., 2005 Immunobiology and Fisheries Biology (with Honors); Iowa State University
  • Dipl. ECAAH, Founding Diplomate of European College for Aquatic Animal Health


  • Lehrstuhlinhaber für Fischkrankheiten und Fischereibiologie
  • Director, Center for Excellence in Aquatic Veterinary Medicine, Biosecurity and Education
  • Executive Director, International Aquatic Veterinary Biosecurity Consortium
  • Vice President, European College for Aquatic Animal Health
  • President (2012) and Distinguished Fellow of World Aquatic Veterinary Medical Association

Recent Publications

  1. Greven, AC., Merk, T., Karagoz, F., Mohr, K., Klapper, M., Jovanovic, B., and Palić, D. (2016). Polycarbonate and Polystyrene Nanoparticles Act as Stressors to the Innate Immune System of Fathead Minnow (Pimephales promelas). Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 35, 3093-3100. DOI: 10.1002/etc.3501
  2. Topić Popović, N., Strunjak-Perović, I., Barišić, J., Kepec, S., Jadan, M., Beer-Ljubić, B., Matijatko, V., Palić, D., Klobučar, G., Babić, S., Gajdoš Kljusurić, J., Čož-Rakovac, R. (2016). Native Prussian Carp (Carassius gibelio) Health Status, Biochemical and Histological Responses to Treated Wastewaters, Environmental Pollution 218, 689-701.
  3. Palić, D., Scarfe A. D., and Walster, C. I. (2015). A Standardized Approach for Meeting National and International Aquaculture Biosecurity Requirements for Preventing, Controlling, and Eradicating Infectious Diseases. J of Applied Aquaculture 27(3) 185-219.
  4. Jovanović, B., Whitley, E., Kimura, K., Crumpton, A. and Palić, D. (2015). Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles Enhance Mortality of Fish Exposed to Bacterial Pathogens. Environmental Pollution 203, 153-164.
  5. Jovanović, B., Whitley, E., and Palić, D. (2014). Histopathology of Fathead Minnow exposed to Hydroxylated Fullerenes. Nanotoxicology 8, 755-763. OPEN ACCESS
  6. Tell, R.M., Kimura, K., and Palić, D. (2012). Rac2 Expression and Its Role in Neutrophil Functions of Zebrafish (Danio rerio). Fish and Shellfish Immunology 33(5), 1086-1094.
  7. Jovanović, B., and Palić, D. (2012). Immunotoxicology of Non-functionalized Engineered Nanoparticles in Aquatic Organisms with Special Emphasis on Fish - Review of Current Knowledge, Gap Identification, and Call for Further Research. Aquatic Toxicology 118-119, 141-151.